Structogram® Training - Downloads

The following links give you access to several publications related to Structogram®Training (courtesy of Structogram® Canada)

Customer Service

“Touring Club of Switzerland” (equivalent to the CAA and AAA), is using Structogram® Training for its call centre and its road side assistance service.

       download the pdf brochure (520kb)

Security Service

The Security Company SECURITAS used Structogram® Training to make their Security Agents "fit for action" for the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany, with two million soccer fans.

       download the pdf brochure (460kb)

Financial Consulting

Many companies in the the Financial Consulting and Financial Advisory Services Sectors use Structogram® Training as a primary tool to maximize the quality of their advice and services for their customers.

       download the pdf brochure (660kb)

At ICCM 2006 in Toronto our Dr. Jean-Claude Gehret gave a well received presentation

«Structogram® Training, an Aid to Call Center Power».

You may download the slides (including explaining notes) as pdf here: PDF (1.7Mb)