Structogram® Training - benefits 1

What does it do?

Grants the keys to “Self-Knowledge”

Facilitates high level of comprehension & collaboration

Gives you the tools to empower your people to fully understand others

Teaches you to identify and resolve conflicts and develop customer empathy

Enables deep understanding of customer mindsets and needs

What is it?

- A successful dynamic human recource optimization and soft-skills            

  development and training system,

- conceived by a US brain researcher in the 1970’s,

- developed by a German anthropologist and Swiss

  Training Specialist in the 1980’s  

- and delivered to you by local and international experts

Where is it used?

tested and refined over twenty years in major European and worldwide               

   corporations, e.g. in 2 of the largest automobile firms in the world

used by 7 of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies

as well as by 2 of the world’s top financial institutions

employed by major financial and banking institutions and insurances worldwide,

used in police forces, security providers (e.g. during the soccer world champion-

   ships in Germany 2006), Military Academies as well as Service providers

In short: everywhere you need to better understand your customers to give them "what they need", you need Structogram® Training!

Structogram® Training is used worldwide in over 20 countries and is now expanding into Canada and the USA.

Who is it for?

  1. all levels of management: Executives, HR, Team Leaders, Project Leaders ...

  2. all people in "relationship work", e.g. Industrial and Employee Relations, Counseling professionals, Lawyers, Knowledge Consultants ... and specially School Management and Teachers ...

  3. all customer-facing functions: Sales, Marketing & Tele-rep/Services personnel ...

  4. all employees in call centers like: Help Desk, IT Support, all levels of CRM ...