Structogram® Training - Seminars

Target users:

STRUCTOGRAM® is the ideal leadership development tool and empowers people to improve their motivation and leads to higher achievement.

Team leaders and team members will be able to recognize and better assess strengths and  weaknesses of their team and respond to the challenges of team balance and effectiveness. 

Every employee with direct customer contact: sales people, customer service representatives, receptionists will be better equipped and prepared to meet the needs of their customers.

Better understanding of team structures unlocks your team's potential!

Each EDUCONS-Structogram® Training Program can be custom built and tailored to the unique working environments and functions of our customers' businesses:

we can incorporate the Structogram® modules into your existing training programs, being these in the fields of:

  1. - Management / Leadership

  2. - Sales

  3. - Customer Relations

  4. - Call Center      

  5. - or any other manager/employee development module.

STRUCTOGRAM® Training is built around 3 distinctive modules, all of them being easily adapted and tailored to your specific needs so they fit exactly into the existing training curriculum of your people.

«The Key to understanding the Customer», the third and newest module of Structogram® Training, addresses precisely what the sales persons always wanted to know and never dared to ask: how and why are buying decisions taken by the customers?

The  participants, mainly sales persons, customer relations agents as well as executives  learn to apply what they learned in modules 1 and 2 to the world of satisfying their internal or external customers.

Module 2 «The Key to Understanding Others» (how do they function) gives the participants the tools to recognize patterns of behavior and communication of their friends, colleagues and all other people they do business with and to analyze situations rapidly and accurately.

In Module 1 «The Key to Self-Knowledge» (how do I function) the participants of the seminar analyse in a non-invasive way (it's not a "psychological strip-tease"!) the relative strengths of their "three brains". This shows them how and why they react a certain way to daily situations, why and how they relate to their friends, colleagues, peers, discussion or negotiating partners as well as family members the way they do.

Structogram® is not Psychological nor Motivational but Applied Science

STRUCTOGRAM® Performance Optimization Seminars & Training improve individuals' soft skills. They equip people with the tools to recognize patterns of behaviour and to analyze situations rapidly and accurately.

Management, colleagues, sales people, employees and customer motivations and attitudes become clear and definable

Individuals learn to recognize different needs, motives and styles of communication and interpersonal relations.

STRUCTOGRAM® Training enables and empowers personal confidence and clarity of purpose.

Under the non-invasive guidance of EDUCONS trainers, managers and team members will learn to recognize and apply their innate attributes to achieve more effective participation.