Structogram® Training - Leadership

Leadership training

Thanks to Structogram, managers learn to recognize and apply their own abilities for more effective management. Leaders and coaches will better understand their employees and therefore be able to direct them toward specific goals and motivate them to top performance.

Team leading

Team leaders will immediately recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their teams in order to balance and maximize their effectiveness. Through a better understanding of team structure, you'll also unlock your team's potential.

As a leader ...

... you recognize your individual strengths as well

    as potential weaknesses in leadership (self knowledge) and apply your abilities for

    more specific management

... you build strong relationships upon trust and credibility and gain your people’s


... you’re able to optimize your team's composition and impact on its mission

... you will better understand your employees and therefore direct them toward specific


... you maximize your impact on others

You will use your individual strengths as a leader

and maximize your group's power!

In today’s world you have to assure that your management, colleagues, sales people - all your employees - master the “people skills” or “soft skills” thoroughly to be fully effective in their day-to-day job.

Understanding, relating and communicating with society, your peer and your teams are the tools of managing the environment in which individuals live and work.

Employing life experience as a trainer for "people skills" proves an unreliable and inequitable method of learning.

After module 1 «The Key to Self-Knowledge» (how do I function) the executives and managers will learn in module 2 «The Key to Understanding Others» (how do they function) to recognize patterns of behavior and communication of their colleagues, peers, discussion and negotiating partners as well as team members and to analyze situations rapidly and accurately.

A true advantage for every manager or team leader!