Structogram® Training - Teams

Team leaders will immediately recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their teams in order to balance and maximize their effectiveness. Through a better understanding of your team's structure, you'll also unlock its potential.

Thanks to the analysis of the team structure done with all team members together, the team will understand where its strengths are and automatically recognize the area of possible team work improvements.

The team member together with the team leader

will be able to unlock their team's potential!

Depending on the structure (sum of the Structograms of the individual group members) you will be able to predict where your team will excel, or maybe show some weaknesses, when fulfiling its tasks.

With a properly done structure analysis you can predict your group's potential for different tasks or be warned about possible conflicts among the team members.

After module 1 «The Key to Self-Knowledge» (how do I function) the team members will learn in module 2 «The Key to Understanding Others» (how do they function) to recognize how the "three brains" of their colleagues, peers, discussion and negotiating partners as well as other team members function in relation to communication and behavior. (Module 2 is similar to the one for managers and team leaders)

A true advantage for every manager, team leader and team member!