Structogram® Training - Call Centres

Agents in Call Centres handling sales face one big drawback: they can't see their customer! To gain their trust they are restricted to what they say (mere words) and how they say it (intonation of the voice, speed of talking, choice of words ...).

The main communication channels

7% of the information is given by WHAT you say (words),     

38% by HOW you say it and a full 55% by body language

They cannot use the main channel of communication to bond with the cutomers:

body language.

Call Centre agents in Customer Service are often looked at as "the culprit" by the calling, usually unhappy customers and are treated in an unfriendly manner.

The agents, too, can't use body language to bring back the customer to a positive, open communication level.

Thanks to Structogram® Training customer service representatives, receptionists, etc. will learn to recognize their own personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to their way of communicating with others and how to "use these".

The agents will learn to "read" the individual needs of their calling customers more rapidly and more precisely and be able to satisfy these more efficiently than before.

For Call Centre people we use adapted, shortened  modules 1 «The Key to Self-knowledge» (how do I function) and 2 «The Key to Understanding Others» (how do they function) to take into consideration the special needs of this kind of phone business.

The agents will optimize their sales talk as well as their handling of customer relations issues to the individuality of their calling customers to increase their success.

At ICCM 2006 in Toronto our Dr. Jean-Claude Gehret gave a well received presentation

«Structogram® Training, an Aid to Call Center Power».

You may download the slides (including explaining notes) as pdf here: PDF (1.7Mb)