Structogram® Training - Trainers

STRUCTOGRAM® is a Instructor Led Training (ILT)  program of «people skills /

soft skills» or «interpersonal skills»

It's not a psychological «strip tease» or esoteric trip: rather a scientific self-analysis of your brain patterns. It is the most powerful, effective, human resource optimization system on the market today.

It is the unique talent and expertise of EDUCONS' Dr. J-C Gehret and his group of STRUCTOGRAM® accredited trainers which brings the true impact and value of these sessions into perspective.

Andreas Hug, Guelph and Toronto, ON 

Andreas earned his business degree from the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, an MA in Economics from the University of Toronto and a Certificate in Economic Development from the University of Waterloo.


He is a management consultant to entrepreneurs at Andreas Hug Consulting in Toronto. Prior to founding Andreas Hug Consulting in 2000, he gained a broad business experience with multinational corporations in Europe, Canada and the USA. His responsibilities have mostly been in Finance and Controlling, Planning and Human Resources.

Nicole Houlmann, living in Zürich, Switzerland 

Nicole studied Economics and Business Administration at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. and earned a national degree as PR & Communications Consultant (SAWI). 


After a broad business experience with national and multinational corporations as well as with Switzerland’s leading PR Agency, mainly focused on strategy, marketing, communication, organizational and personal development, she opened her own counseling boutique in 1994, offering efficient and targeted communication development services through consulting, coaching and training.

Jean-Claude Gehret, PhD, living in Aesch, Switzerland

Jean-Claude earned his Master of Science in Chemistry from the Univ. of Basel, Switzerland, his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland, and got a diploma as High School Teacher in Basel, Switzerland. Before joining the Central Research Laboratories of Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis) in Basel in 1978 he did 3 years of postdoctoral Research at UCLA, U. of Pittsburgh, PA, and UCBerkeley. In 1986 he became Head of Research Chemistry of Animal Health and joined the Research Relations Group in 1991where he gave lectures and seminars at Universities worldwide about "Industrial Research" as well as "The Benefits of Agrochemical Research" and related topics.

Andreas is one of the first authorized Structogram trainers in Canada and has been instrumental in bringing Structogram to this country. He is head of the Canadian Structogram organization.

Nicole was one of the very first Structogram trainers in the early 1980’s, when this unique instrument was launched. She renewed her licence in 1997 and joins The EDUCONS Group to hold Structogram Seminars in English, French and German.

More STRUCTOGRAM® accredited trainers are readdy to help you ...

«People love to learn but hate to be taught»

Michael Yacobian, internationally renowned trainer 

In 2000 Jean-Claude left Novartis and founded EDUCONS International and EDUCONS GmbH, both based in Switzerland and specialized in Trainer-Led-Education for management teams.

Jean-Claude gives seminars in Management, Sales, Softskills and STRUCTOGRAM Training®, mainly in Switzerland.

He now offers his services in the US through EC Consulting International, Inc., Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.