Structogram® Training - History

In the late Seventies the German anthropologist Rolf W. Schirm who was together with Dr Robert Mager (pioneer of the learning analysis) in charge of the scientific management of the consultant group "Learning Systems” met Dr. MacLean, with whom he developed the tools for putting the scientific knowledge of the latter into practice.

This was how the concept of Biostructural Analysis and STRUCTOGRAM® evolved.

In the Seventies the American brain researcher, Prof Dr. Paul D. MacLean, as director of the Institute for "Brain Evolution and Behavior" at the "National Institute of Mental Health" in Maryland, USA, carried out research on our brain structure and genetically determined behavior patterns.

During his investigations, he discovered that throughout its development our brain retains the fundamental traits originating from different ages in evolution.

Dr. Victor Bataillard, who ran the “Swiss Institute of Business Economy” (one of the pioneers of higher specialist and leadership trainings) met Rolf Schirm, who was likewise involved in developing modern learning methods.

In 1979 Schirm and Bataillard brought Biostructural Analysis and STRUCTOGRAM® onto the market in Switzerland and Germany.

The method and the training concept were immediately well received. Ten years later Bataillard founded the “IBSA - Institute for Biostructural Analysis” (IBSA - Institut für Biostruktur-Analysen AG).

Now the head office of STRUCTOGRAM® International is located in Lucerne, in Central Switzerland.

To describe this he coined the term "triune brain".

His discovery contributed considerably to understanding the connection between the brain structure and human character and behavior.

It forms the basis of Biostructural Analysis.

Today there are about 1000 Structogram® Trainers delivering trainings in 23 languages in over 20 countries worldwide.

More than a million people have benefitted from Structogram® Training,

... when will you and your people benefit from it?

Rolf W. Schirm / Juergen Schoemen

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