Structogram® Training - Method

There are endless theories about the path to success. Most of them are based on idealistic concepts. However, there is no such thing as the "optimal" sales technique, nor is there a "correct" style of leadership, just as there is no standard “successful type" and no "recipe for success".

This is because people on their own are completely different individuals.

Successful people have vastly differing personality traits. What they do have in common is that they apply their personality in a very specific way – with all their strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies.

They remain authentic and use methods and techniques that "suit" their style.

This proves that knowing your own personality and attributes is a deciding factor for a clear strategy to success.

Our "three brains" have considerable influence over our success!

The Triune Brain

Prof. Paul D. MacLean was able to show that the human brain consistsof three main sections differing in age as regards to their evolutionary history.

The STRUCTOGRAM® analysis reveals the

intrinsic, individual influences of your "three brains .

"Three Brains" - The Triune Brain

The brain stem

The brain stem is the oldest brain, storing millions of years' experience, seat of instincts and feeling for life.

The limbic system

The limbic system is the brain of emotions, self-assertion in the fight for survival.

The neo-cortex

The neo-cortex is the brain of rational thinking, planned action and foresight; it is the youngest brain in terms of evolution.

Each brain section controls different human functions. The influence of the three sections differ individually from one person to another and is the deciding factor in his or her personality and attributes repertorie.

Despite these differences, the three brain sections work together - and each one sticks to its own specific "rules of the game".

Human behaviour evolves from the interplay of the instinctive reaction of the brain stem, the emotional, impulsive limbic system and the cool, rational reaction of the neo-cortex.

Our STRUCTOGRAM® based Performance Optimization Seminars  are deliberately intended as a non-intrusive introduction process to ones self.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Jean-Claude Gehret and his specialist trainers, the learner is ushered through the process of self-analysis and synthesis. 

The journey defines and explores the delicate patterns of human behavior as well as the many vulnerable points to which behavior are connected.

Research shows that only "harmony" between a person's unchangeable basic structure and acquired personality attributes and behaviors leads to "authenticity" - a decisive basis for enduring success.

Nature has endowed man with three brains,

which despite great  differences instructure,

chemistry and function,

must work together as a «triune» brain.

Paul D. MacLean