Structogram® Training - Method

             Structogram® Training - «Peole Skills - Soft Skills»

The most significant qualifications you require as executive, manager, sales person or team member are “people skills” or “soft skills” -  in other words: you need a high degree of social competence.

You have acquired the “technical skills” through formal school and professional training. But when and where have you obtained the “people skills”?

These personal attributes are usually developed and acquired through life experience. There is a science and structure underlying personal attributes. 

The foundation of Biostructural Analysis presumes a biological and scientific basis for the structure and learning of human "soft-skills": STRUCTOGRAM®.

Teaching skills so deeply seated in life experience and personal identity can be most daunting and invasive in nature. STRUCTOGRAM® learners quickly appreciate that the process has no 'right or wrong' nor 'good or bad' answers.

It is a scientifically based analysis process of the influence of your “triune brain”.

In today’s world you have to assure that your management, colleagues, sales people - all your employees - master the “people skills” or “soft skills” thoroughly to be fully effective in their day-to-day job.

Performance Optimization Seminars with STRUCTOGRAM® 

The self-analysis and attributes evaluation process within STRUCTOGRAM®  are tools used to identify and develop one's strengths while improving understanding  of human behavior.

The process uncovers the peculiar qualities in each of us and provides a road map to improving and capitalizing on the positives.  

Personal growth in concert  with your own nature

is the secret to your success.

Mastery of interpersonal skills in the daily workplace and home life are the keys to self actualization and life success. Understanding, relating and communicating with society are the tools of managing the environment in which individuals live and work.

Structogram® Training ...

... is IQ independent: everybody can use it,

... is a temperament analysis: you get a picture of the «stable, unchangeable

    parameters» of your personality (strengths and possible weaknesses) vs. a 

    mixture of parameters in all other methods,

... is very fast to learn and easy to apply.

Led by accredited expert trainers, learners uncover their individual  attributes and temperaments in a non-invasive manner.

Equipped with new “people skills” or “soft skills” tools, learners identify and manage situations, conflicts, angers etc., and they apply effective techniques for solutions and consensus in various environments.

Learners become more productive and motivated contributors and agents for team development.